Direct-drive extruder vs. Bowden extruder

What is the difference between a direct drive extruder and a Bowden extruder and what is the right choice for you? In this article, we would like to compare the two extruder variants and show you the differences.

The new Elegoo Mars PRO - what makes it better?

With its very good price / performance ratio, the Elegoo Mars has created a large fan base. The improved version of the Elegoo Mars - the Elegoo Mars PRO - is now available. We tested what makes the PRO version better.

3DJake's Adhesives

Everyone who works with FDM 3D printers knows the problem. The first few layers of the component are not adhering properly to the build surface. We have the solution for you!

3D Printer Filament by Verbatim

High-quality 3D printer filaments. Manufactured under strict tolerance limits and with the use of high grade materials for even material loading and excellent printing results.

PrintaFix Basic - Warp-free Printing Results

Anyone who has worked with FDM 3D printers know the problem: the first few layers of the model do not adhere to the surface. As a result, the printing model is unusable. The solution to this problem is brought to you from Austria!

The Ingenious BuildTak Print Surface

BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic film that adheres to the printing bed on FDM / FFM 3D printers. It provides the perfect surface and replaces the traditional blue or Kapton tape.

Printing Tips for the colorFabb CorkFill

The brand new cork filament by colorFabb is based on the colorFabb PLA/PHA. If you like the woodfill and bamboofill by colorFabb, you will enjoy the corkfill too. The details below describe how the material is used for printing purposes.

Carbon Filament colorFabb XT-CF20

The colorFabb XT-CF20 is a material that is twice as resilient than conventional PLA. It has a higher melting temperature and excellent precision. Discover more.

Printing Tips for colorFabb copperFill

The new metal filament by colorFabb was developed using copper powder compatible with desktop 3D printing. The copperFill is a great compliment to the bronzeFill. How the filament is used is described below.

Organic Filaments by Extrudr

The new Green-TEC filaments by Extrudr are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. The Green-TEC filament is more superior to conventional filaments.

colorFabb_HT - Temperature Resistant Filament

ColorFabb HT filament is a low odour material that is suitable for advanced 3D printer users. The material is excellent for creating models that need to be durable, robust and temperature resistant.