Product Test: Elegoo Mars 4

Product Test: Elegoo Mars 4

The Mars 4 is the latest addition to Elegoo's affordable 3D printer range. Compared to its predecessor, the Elegoo Mars 3 Pro, this printer offers some improved features at a moderate additional cost of just €50:

Build volume and printing speed:

Elegoo Mars 4 has a build volume of 153.36 x 77.76 x 175 mm, which is only slightly larger compared to its predecessor. However, its printing speed has been noticeably improved: While the Mars 3 Pro can achieve 30-50 mm/h, Mars 4 now works at 30-70 mm/h.

Monochrome LCD and build platform:

Another upgrade to the Mars 4 is the high-resolution monochrome LCD. In terms of print quality, in my experience, there are hardly any noticeable differences to the Mars 3 Pro. The models are printed with precision and detail, making it difficult to see whether Mars 4 represents a significant advance over its predecessor in this regard.

In terms of adhesion, I couldn't notice any big difference compared to the sandblasted build platform of its predecessor.

► Touchscreen:

One point that might disappoint some users is the retention of the old resistive touchscreen. A capacitive touchscreen would certainly have enabled intuitive operation.


Elegoo Mars 4 is undoubtedly an affordable 3D printer that meets the basic requirements. Improvements over the previous model are noticeable, but may not be strong enough to convince Mars 3 Pro owners to upgrade. If you're not looking for the latest and most innovative features, the Mars 4 is the ideal low-cost entry-level or upgrade printer.

Your Lukas