Revell Giant Crossbow (500 Years LdV)

Giant crossbow by Leonardo da Vinci

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Laser cut components
  • Incl. booklet

Product information & technical details

Product types: Model Making
Scale: 1:100


Leonardo da Vinci, one of the biggest minds who ever lived, died on the second of May, 1519. Revell honours the artistic, anatomical and engineering genius with a range of model kits of his biggest inventions. The models are authentically made of wood, partially movable, and allow you to approach Leonardo's ideas very closely.

Leonardo's giant crossbow was a true technological dream of it's time. The width of 24 meters and length of 23 meters alone would instill fear in the enemy.

  • Authentic wooden model
  • Functioning moving parts and wheels
  • Display stand
  • Yarn for the bow
  • Wood glue for construction
  • Booklet with information about Leonardo and his giant crossbow
  • Poster with self portrait and a sketch of the giant crossbow

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