ZODIAC BMO Hotend incl. PRO V6 Nozzle

High quality all-round hotend for temperatures up to 500 ° C

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Product information & technical details



The Zodiac x Phaetus BMO Hotend was developed in collaboration with Phaetus. It is designed for temperatures up to 500 ° C and as an all-rounder among hotends.

The design has been redesigned and optimised from scratch. In addition, the thermal management has been improved and the maintenance of the hotend has been simplified.

The special coating of the heater block acts as an insulator and makes a silicone sock unnecessary. Due to the very smooth surface of the heater block, residues can be easily removed during printing. The heat transfer zone has been lengthened to reduce seepage and ensure high-precision extrusion.

The Zodiac x Phaetus Hotend is a masterpiece in design, function and reliability.

  • Carbon coated copper heating block
  • More precise temperature control by repositioning the thermistor and heating cartridges
  • Tighten and unscrew the nozzle with one hand (285 ° C @ 1.5Nm) or (260 ° C @ 2Nm)
  • Total temperature resistance up to 500 ℃.
  • The heat sink and heat break adapt to the conical surface
  • Tight fit for best heat dissipation
  • High printing precision, no filament jams
  • Better dimensional accuracy
  • Anti-twist device for changing nozzles on the heat sink
  • Comes with a Zodiac V6 PRO nozzle

Features of the Zodiac PRO V6 Nozzle

  • Hardened tool steel body with fine polishing of the inner bore
  • Coating tested according to the Calott test (DIN EN ISO 1071-2, VDI 3198)
  • Undercoating for high adhesive strength (PECVD)
  • Top layer coating for high abrasion and wear resistance
  • Extreme hardness with exceptional wear resistance
  • Less abrasion and clogging
  • Spherical cross section of the filament
  • High operating temperature

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