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nGen serves as the ideal material for all applications.
nGen has functional properties and excellent printing results.

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A glass transition temperature of 85 °C - exceeding that of PLA filaments.

nGen is ideal for users who require flexibility and range in the processing temperature. The filament is well process at low temperatures.

glass transition temperature 85 °C 50 °C 100 °C 75 °C
toughness ++ - +++ +++
printing temperature 220 - 240 °C 190-220 °C 250-260 °C 240-260 °C
ability to print +++ +++ + ++
odourless +++ + - ++
clear surface +++ + - ++

How to print using nGen:

In order to achieve the best results, it is important to adjust the Slicer settings according to the material being used. The most important settings are explained below:

  • Heated platform: nGen is best printed using heated platforms. Ideally it is best to approach the glass transition temperature. The printing bed should be heated to 70-85 °C.
  • Printing temperature: At normal setting such as 0.2 mm layer height and 50mm / s printing speed, we recommend a compression temperature of between 220 ​​- 240 ° C.
  • Cooling: If you printing continuously using the 100% cooling setting, it is possible that the individual layers may separate. If this is the case, the cooling setting must be reduced in order to resolve the problem.
  • Bridging: We recommend the speed of bridging be reduced somewhat. Cooling can be set at 100%.
  • Retraction: The PLA retraction settings should correspond to that of nGen. However, it these setting may require some adjustments.