Last Minute 3D Printing Ideas for Easter

Last Minute 3D Printing Ideas for Easter

Easter is approaching and some people have probably already decorated their homes with cheerful spring and Easter decorations. To all 3D printing enthusiasts who are still looking for decorations or gift inspiration, today we are presenting 6 free 3D printed designs that are sure to make an impression at family dinner and perfectly complement the Easter basket.

DIY Easter decorations from the 3D printer

Nothing beats homemade! This is also the case in 3D printing. Even if your 3D printer does most of the work, you can still create Easter decorations that are tailored to your preferences and your home. You decide which materials, which colours and which sizes you choose for your 3D models.
Depending on the material you use, you can also easily rework your prints, for example by painting them.

1. 3D-printed decorative eggs

If you've ever blown out and painted real eggs, you probably know how much effort it takes and how much care needs to be taken to avoid breaking them. We would therefore like to introduce you to the beautiful and, above all, robust Easter eggs from the 3D printer. The unusual decorative eggs are a real eye-catcher and are also ideal for the windowsill, the dining table or as a souvenir.

Under the following link, you will find 12 stl files for different Easter egg designs with different patterns. If you don't want to miss out on painting Easter eggs despite modern technology, you can of course rework and paint your 3D printed eggs as you wish.

The printing proves to be extremely uncomplicated; for most of the eggs shown, no support structures are required for a beautiful printing result.

Advantage: Thanks to their robustness, the decorative eggs are also perfect for painting eggs with children and are therefore not sensitive when stored.

“Easter Eggs” model by Antonin Nosek

2. Napkin rings & cute egg cups with bunny ears

Napkin rings and egg cups from the 3D printer are generally a good idea for all year round. However, at Easter we add cute bunny ears to our table decorations to give the whole thing a festive touch.

We have chosen an elegant gold satin filament for our egg cups and napkin holders, of course, you can choose the colors to suit your taste.

Model “Easter Bunny Napkin Ring” from schwamster

Model "Eggy Easter Bunny" by de_baseggio

3. Sweet surprise carrot

Next, we would like to introduce you to a simple 3D-printed carrot that can be filled with sweets or other small things as desired and is ideal as a decoration or as a gift in the Easter basket.

Tip: The fillable carrot is not only perfect for giving away sweets but it can also be used to give gifts of money in a sweet way.

We used an orange TPU and a green PLA filament for our carrot and printed the model in vase mode.

Would you like to find out more about vase mode? Then watch our tutorial including a video here.

“Carrot Containers” model from faberdaser

4. Easter bunny with basket

Just like the carrot, this rabbit model with basket is also perfect for giving away sweets and other small things. The bunny is super easy to print and works well as a decoration, for hiding treats in the garden or as a small plant pot.

We printed our bunny in a bright pink and fuzzy skin look so that he could really be found between the bushes.

If you want to learn more about the fuzzy skin effect, click here.

Model "Easter Bunny Toy/Pot/Planter by MaxFunkner

5. Modern decorative bunny

The Low Poly Easter Bunny model is a very popular 3D printing design that some people have probably seen before. Nevertheless, we would like to mention it in our top 6 because we think that the decorative bunny is great as a modern Easter decoration and simply looks good. Whether as a small table decoration or as a large outdoor Easter decoration - the 3D-printed bunny is sure to impress your guests.

“Low Poly Easter Bunny” model by JoeLajoe

6. Easter bunny with surprise egg

The Easter bunny with a surprise egg is a great idea for children who have to look for their treats. The surprise egg is simply inserted into the printed form, so it looks as if the bunny is hopping away with the chocolate.

Model “Easter Egg Holder Bunnies” from muzz64

We hope that you like one or two of the models and that we were able to inspire you to create your Easter decorations with the 3D printer. We will link to the materials we use on the right.

We wish you a happy Easter!