This is how you create a creative Lithophane lamp with a 3D printer

This is how you create a creative Lithophane lamp with a 3D printer

The ancient art of lithophany in 3D printing

In our new YouTube tutorial “3D Printed Lithophane Lampshade - Tutorial” we deal with a very old, yet so modern art form: the lithophane.

What is lithophane?

A lithophane is a three-dimensional relief representation of an image that is visible from behind through illumination. The different thicknesses of the material layer create light and dark areas that create a special picture effect when light falls. In this way, images can be represented as relief in a creative way.

As early as the 19th century, artists made lithophanes from porcelain and glass and lit them with candles or attached them to the window so that the daylight made the relief visible.

Printing lithophanes - photos from the 3D printer

Nowadays the old art technique of lithophany is implemented in a timely manner: with the 3D printer. 3D printed lithophanes offer the possibility of adding a certain sophistication to photos or images. Personalised lithophanes with private photos are also an extraordinary decoration option and great gifts for friends and family.

Lithophane Lampshade - print your own lampshade

Got a taste for it and want to create your own lithophane?

We have created a YouTube tutorial in which we create a lithophane lampshade with a 3D printer. To get a relief representation of our chosen photo, we use the Lithophane software This free Lithophane tool is easy to use and quickly converts photos into aesthetic lithophanes. We'll show you how to use the software, which slicer settings you should choose and which material you need to print your Lithophane lampshade in. We use the “STRÅLA” model from IKEA as the lamp base.

Have fun!