How to use Vase mode in Cura

How to use Vase mode in Cura

For seamless and aesthetic 3D prints

The Cura Vase Mode, or “Vase Mode” as it is commonly known, is a practical function that allows you to print aesthetic and seamless 3D objects while saving material and time. If you have already tried to print a vase with the standard settings, you will have noticed that the print result is not only visually unattractive, the printing process also costs you a lot of time.

With Vase Mode, almost any shape can be printed with the thickness of a single wall, which means you need less time and filament for an object. In vase mode, the print is shifted upwards in a spiral, there are no layers as is otherwise the case in 3D printing. The model is built by smooth movements of the Z-axis.

In our new video tutorial, we'll show you where to find Vase Mode in Cura, how to activate it and what to look out for when using it. You will be surprised how many possibilities this Cura function offers. Try it!

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