3DJake's Adhesives

3DJake's Adhesives

The Adheasy Spray is the solution against warping and first layer problems!

The specially developed formula works excellently with many different materials.

The spray can simply be applied to the heated or unheated building board.
As soon as the building board has cooled down after printing, the model can simply be removed.

Advantages of Adheasy Spray:

  • Simple application
  • Works with many materials
  • For heated and unheated building boards
  • Easy cleaning


  1. Preparation: Clean the build surface and shake the spray bottle
  2. Application: Apply the Adheasy Spray at a distance of approx. 20cm from the building board
  3. Printing: The correct leveling and the Adheasy Spray ensure optimal adhesion
  4. Removal & cleaning: The model can be easily removed after the plate has cooled and the adhesive can be removed with an alcohol-based cleaner