E3D Titan Extruder Bowden Standard - 1.75 mm

Titan extruder with high performance for Bowden setup with 1.75 mm filament

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Product information & technical details

  • Manufacturer: E3D
  • Product type: Extruder
  • Filament Diameter: 1,75 mm

Performance, strength, push. Titan Extruder offers everyone a powerful, lightweight extrusion. The E3D Titan Extruder can be mounted on most RepRap 3D printers to improve extrusion and works well with all E3D hot ends.

Precision Milled Hobb

Specially manufactured teeth on the hobbed gearing for a good hold of your filament.

Filament pushing power

Thanks to the strength and control of the E3D Titan extruders, you can print anything from flexible filaments to abrasive carbon fibres.


Thanks to the low weight and compact design of the titan extruder, your printer will not slow down and you can print easily and reliably.

Titan: a next-generation extruder for your 3D printer!


With a 3: 1 reduction, precision-milled Hobb and E3D technology, the titan extruder was developed to push with incredible power while being incredibly light and compact.


The gear ratio means that you can use lighter motors because you need less torque with the same force.


The Titan extruder fits perfectly into the modular E3D ecosystem. It works for all configurations of Bowden, direct extrusion, 1.75 mm and 3 mm. To change the filament diameter, only the filament guide has to be exchanged, and both versions are supplied with 3 mm and 1.75 mm with each titan. To use the Titan as a Bowden extruder, simply insert a Bowden adapter into the extruder body instead of a hot end. Bowden adapters for 3 mm or 1.75 mm are available as inexpensive special equipment.


Extruders with high gear ratios often find it difficult to keep up with Volcano to print quickly and large. Titan's balanced 3: 1 gear ratio means you can handle fast extrusion needs like Volcano.


Direct drive extruders can have problems with uneven running since the lower resolution of the filament movement leads to the filament being extruded in pulses. This leads to a slightly corrugated surface and is particularly noticeable when printing in thin layers. The 3: 1 gear triples the resolution of the system and enables even printing at the lowest layer height with the smallest nozzle.

Contents of delivery

1x Titan Body (Standard / Mirrored)
1x Titan Cover (Standard / Mirrored)
1x lever (pre-assembled with bearings)
1x 1.75 mm filament guide (standard / mirrored)
1x 2.85 mm filament guide (standard / mirrored)
1x Steel Pinion Gear
1x acetal gear with filament drive shaft
1x 100 mm of 4 mm OD PTFE tubing

Fastening material (included in delivery)

1x 1.5 mm Allen key
1x 2mm Allen key
1x 2.5 mm Allen key
3x M3x30 screws
1x M3x8 screw
1x M3x12 screws
1x M3x25 screw
1x M4 knurled screw
1x M4x10 pan head screw
1x M4 nut
1x idle spring
1x M3 grub screw (for Pinion Gear)
1x shake-proof washer

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Titan Extruder

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