E3D Volcano Hotend Direct Drive - 3.00 mm

High-flow hot end for direct drive with 3.00 mm filament

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Product information & technical details

Manufacturers: E3D
Product types: Hot-Ends
Filament Diameter: 2,85 mm


The Volcano: Print faster, stronger, bigger!

Similar to the V6 Hotend, the Volcano is fully compatible with the E3D ecosystem and offers a choice of different nozzle sizes. Users can print thick, thick layers with a 1.2mm nozzle, or choose a 0.4mm nozzle for high-precision printing.


Thanks to its larger melting zone, users can print higher and wider layers with the Volcano Hot-End, which leads to drastically shorter printing times.


In addition to the shorter printing time, the thick channels printed by the Volcano adhere better between the layers and adhere to one another with greatly improved strength. The printed parts are extremely strong, less brittle and feel more stable than standard prints.


Printers are growing in size, and we are now seeing machines that are capable of creating huge objects that go beyond the limits of what can be printed. However, printing these huge pieces is incredibly slow and can take days, which in many cases is simply impractical. The Volcano Hotend makes printing these objects much more efficient and can reduce printing times by more than half.

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