Product Test: Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra

Product Test: Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra

Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra is a new edition of the popular Mars series of resin 3D printers. In this product test, we take a look at the various aspects of this printer, which from my subjective point of view are rated as follows:

  • There are aspects under PRO that I think are great,
  • Under NEUTRAL you will find aspects that are quite okay,
  • Under CONS are aspects that I personally don't really like.


► Improved design:

Elegoo definitely thought about aesthetics with the Mars 4 Ultra. The new design with the modern choice of colours for the cover harmonises well with the overall appearance of the case. Although the basic shape of the printer has not changed, the new colour scheme gives the device a fresh and attractive appearance.

High-quality touchscreen:

One of the improvements to the Mars 4 Ultra is the 4-inch HD IPS touchscreen. This capacitive screen responds very well to touch, the user interface also runs smoothly thanks to the powerful Linux operating system with 4 GB of RAM. This makes operating the printer much easier and more intuitive.

Another positive point is that the settings can also be readjusted during printing.


Monochrome 9K LCD:

Mars 4 Ultra is equipped with a 9K monochrome LCD, which on paper promises an impressive resolution. While the quality of the prints is good overall, the differences from the previous version are not immediately noticeable. A more precise microscope test could provide information about the actual improvements.

► Improved ACF release film:

The anti-adhesion coating (ACF) on the Mars 4 Ultra print platform allows for better release of printed objects. Since the films are not exactly cheap, I put them in the “neutral” category.


Problems with attaching the new build plate:

My main criticism of the Mars 4 Ultra concerns the redesigned build plate. The short thread of the mounting screw on top of the plate could cause it to fall out if you are not careful enough. Personally, I like the old printing plate much better.

The 4-point levelling system doesn't seem to be all that helpful with levelling. The additional screws that must be used due to this system make cleaning difficult and could cause long-term damage through contact with the resin.

links Mars 4 Ultra, rechts Mars 4

(in the photo: Mars 4 Ultra on the left, Mars 4 on the right)

Desirable improvements for the future

The screws for attaching the tank are very complicated and time-consuming to clean. A magnet or clip system would be much more practical here so that the screws don't have to be unscrewed every time. The old printing plate would also be a welcome optimisation.


Overall, Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra shows some improvements over its previous versions, including an attractive design, a high-quality touchscreen and improved connectivity. However, some design decisions (concerning the new build plate) need improvement and could be optimised in future versions.

Your Lukas