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The RMS Titanic is probably the most famous ship in the world. Everyone knows the tragic story of its collision with an iceberg.

The time: Late evening, April 14, 1912.

The place: Somewhere in the cold, dark water of the North Atlantic.

The world's largest ocean liner and the pride of the White Star Line, TITANIC, was on a maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. It was 882 feet long and displaced 66,000 tons when loaded. The TITANIC was developed to withstand the flooding of two of its compartments between bulkheads and was displayed as unsinkable. The sea was calm when the big ship steamed ahead at 22 knots. Suddenly a shadow rose from the water. The bow of the mighty TITANIC crashed into an iceberg and tore a 300-foot cut below the waterline on the starboard side. The damage immediately flooded the first six compartments between the bulkheads. On April 15, 1912, 2:18 in the morning, after extreme confusion and the rapid dispatch of emergency signals, the TITANIC sank in one of the most epic catastrophes in the world. Of the 2,224 people on board, 711 were saved.

Revell now offers you a very detailed model of the famous RMS TITANIC for your model ship collection!

  • Finely engraved deck details with planking and chains
  • Detailed deckhouses and skylights
  • Four funnels with ladders and cover sheets
  • Steam pipes and vents
  • Finely engraved fuselage details with individual fuselage panels and simulated portholes
  • Cranes and fans
  • Detailed rudder
  • Authentic flags
  • Three propellers
  • Eighteen lifeboats
  • Exhibition stand
  • Decal markers

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