Delta-3D printer for professional use

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Product information & technical details

Manufacturers: TRILAB
Product types: 3D Printers
Assembly: Fully assembled
Printing Technology: FFF - FDM - LPD
Supported operating systems: Windows (7+), Mac OS X (10.7+)
Extruder type: Bowden Extruder
Number of extruders: Single
Supported Formats (Slicer): STL, OBJ
Heated building board: Yes
Filament Diameter: 1,75 mm
Building platform : Ø 250 x 300 mm


The TRILAB DeltiQ 2 is a solidly built delta printer that consists of high-quality movement components and is designed for professional use. The extraordinary quality of the 3D prints corresponds perfectly to the requirements in the areas of prototyping, construction, toolmaking, production or research and development.

With its features and functions, the TRILAB DeltiQ 2 is perfect for global production companies, SMEs, research laboratories or for designers, engineers and scientists.

DeltiQ 2 is an extremely versatile 3D printer with the necessary safety features for unattended printing of various printing materials, including flexible printing materials.

What are the advantages of a Delta 3D printer?

The delta kinematics enables the print head to move quickly and precisely over the entire print volume. Exceptional surface quality and dimensional accuracy are the main advantages of this movement concept.

A lightweight printhead without a heavy extruder motor minimises the detrimental effects on print quality caused by inertia. In practice, this results in a very fast 3D printer with maximum component life.

A static model that is attached to a print bed and does not move during printing is crucial in order to achieve the best print quality over the entire height of the model.

Demanding, rigid frame construction with uncompromising HQ movement components

The TRILAB original design of corner components with the "TrippleLock" fastening system in combination with robust aluminium components guarantees high frame rigidity and stability under all circumstances. The carbon fibre rods that support the printhead are very stiff and extremely light. Together with professional industrial linear guide rails, these guarantee precise and repeatable positioning of the print head. This in turn is clearly reflected in the exceptional quality of your prints.

Unique extruder combination for a wide variety of materials

DeltiQ 2 benefits fully from the unique combination of two complementary extrusion systems that are easily interchangeable. The standard configuration is based on the E3D Titan, an extruder attached to a frame with Bowden filament guidance, offering high torque and unbeatable print quality with PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA and other rigid filament materials.

The second extrusion system and the DeltiQ 2 option called FlexPrint 2 is the internally developed remote drive extruder from TRILAB, which enables the error-free processing of more advanced materials such as highly flexible (TPU, TPE) and tough materials (PA).

Versatile printer with interchangeable print heads and different print beds

The standard V6 printhead combines efficient and focused cooling of the print, an automatic calibration probe and the class-leading titanium hotend E3D V6. The entire printhead assembly, including cables and connectors, is easily removable and replaceable. The replaceable V6 Volcano printhead is an alternative for filament extrusion with wider nozzles (0.6 mm; 0.8 mm or wider) for bigger layers. As an alternative to the standard V6, the printhead combines highly efficient and focused cooling of the print and auto-calibration probe with the high-throughput E3D V6 Volcano hotend, which is the leader in its class.

Flexible print beds provide a quick and easy way to remove the model after printing is complete. A wide range of print bed surfaces enables optimal adhesion for individual materials: The magnetic print bed with a smooth PEI surface is a standard surface for most applications, while print beds with a powdered PEI surface are suitable for more advanced materials where a coarse first layer is required is needed or desired.

Intelligent electronics and revolutionary printer control

The main 32-bit printer controller easily handles complex delta motion controls. It also enables online access to the WebControl printer interface. An integrated camera and corresponding print lighting with integrated flash provide a good remote overview of the printing process.

The integrated secondary electronic unit controls the internal and external communication of the device independently of the motherboard. It effectively manages the file management with Wifi / LAN or USB communication with devices such as USB memory sticks, USB cameras and various extensions or the TRILAB QuadPrint solution.

The user can control the printer according to his needs:

  • From the palm of your hand via the wireless DeltaControl display, which can alternatively be stowed in the charging dock (DisplayHub)
  • Via the WebControl interface on the PC / Mac or tablet
  • By using the DeltaControl app on a smartphone

All of this can be done securely both locally and remotely.

TRILAB WebControl interface

With the TRILAB WebControl interface, the user can control the printer and set up the print job directly from the PC, Mac or tablet via the WLAN or LAN network or alternatively via the AccessPoint (AP mode) of the 3D printer.

The printer is accessed via the BONJOUR protocol (Apple / Win) or via the IP address, but only after a password security check has been passed. TRILAB WebControl also enables complete control over the QuadPrint solution, the management of print files and the exchange of print heads and print beds.

All TRILAB DeltiQ 2 printers enable worldwide remote access for unrestricted control of the printer by the user as well as secure service support from the TRILAB service team. This function can be completely deactivated at the customer's request.

Print heads

2 easily interchangeable print heads for different requirements:

E3D V6 printhead with all-metal hotend for standard printing.

E3D V6 Volcano print head with all-metal hotend for printing with wider nozzles / for faster printing


Standard E3D Titan extruder in Bowden technology for qualitative 3D printing with standard filaments.

Optional FlexPrint 2 extruder - original TRILAB direct drive extruder for processing flexible and demanding filaments

Print beds

Solid, 5 mm thick, heated aluminium printing platform

Exchangeable, flexible, magnetic steel print plate with PEI surface

PEI print plate available in both smooth and powder-coated versions

Control interface

Wireless 5.45 “IPS DeltaControl display, including charging dock

DeltaControl APP for Android smartphones

WebControl Interface; PC / Mac / Tablet compatible


WIFI or LAN with local or remote access

3x USB connection for WIFI / LAN / USB drive / webcam / QuadPrint

Print monitoring

Multi-coloured LED display for a visual print status overview

Built-in camera with lighting

Supported input formats

STL, gcode; primary slicer (PRUSA Slicer & Kisslicer), alternative slicer (Simplify3D, Cura)


41 × 50 × 81 cm

Input 100-240 V, output 24 V, 250 W.

X / Y resolution

According to the nozzle used in the range from 0.25 to 1.2 mm, standard 0.4 mm

Z resolution

With a layer height of up to 50 micrometres, the maximum layer height depends on the nozzle used

Maximum nozzle temperature

Standard up to 300 ° C

Maximum heating bed temperature

105 ° C

Compatible materials


FlexPrint 2 extension: flexible materials (TPU / TPE), nylon / PA,

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