Verbatim 3D Printer Filaments

High quality 3D printing materials from Germany

The German company Verbatim develops and produces high-quality 3D filaments under the strictest quality standards and strict tolerance limits.

A table of the different types of Verbatim filament can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Made from

Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene / oil-based

Polylactic acid / plant-based (corn)

Polyetherester elastomers

Key features

Highly resistant to heat. Smooth surface.

Easy to print. No heater bed needed. Less distortion than ABS filaments.

Very flexible. Very good heat, oil and chemical resistance. Good mechanical strength.


Models, toys, plastic objects that are durable over a longer period.

Everyday 3D prints. PLA is biodegradable and decomposes after a while.

Creates models with a rubber-like surface. For objects such as seals, handle covers, tools, automobile parts, waterproof containers, medical bags, rubber buttons, hoses ...


Unpleasant plastic odour

Sweet odour



Good Partly nontransparent Not good (white)

Printing temperature (recommended)

230-240 °C 200-220 °C 210-235 °C


Mechanical processing. With acetone, a smooth surface can be achieved. Mechanical processing. Glues and paints well. Very good thermal binding with materials such as BAS, PC, PMMA and PET.


All sides glossy Universally glossy and smooth White

Environment and recycling

Recycling no. 7, generally ABS is recycled into plastic objects and the like. Bioplastic Disposal according to local, municipal and state regulations.