Mosaic Element

Multi-material & multi-colour 3D printers

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Product information & technical details

  • Manufacturers: Mosaic
  • Product types: 3D Printers
  • Assembly: Fully assembled
  • Printing Technology: FFF - FDM - LPD
  • Printer Display: Touch Display
  • Supported operating systems: Windows (7+), Mac OS X (10.7+)
  • Extruder type: Direct Drive Extruder
  • Number of extruders: Single
  • Supported Formats (Slicer): STL, OBJ
  • Heated building board: Yes
  • Heated building platform : Yes
  • Filament Diameter: 1,75 mm
  • Building platform : 355 x 355 x 355 mm

Mosaic's multi-material and multi-colour 3D printer extends what the company has learned from its successful multi-material range and integrates it into a seamless workflow.

Main features

  • 350 ° C max. hotend temperature, 120 ° C max heated bed temperature
  • 355 x 355 x 355 mm build volume
  • Modular extruder / kinematically coupled
  • LED print status display
  • Cloud with CANVAS slicer software
  • HIWIN linear rails
  • Core XY system
  • Trinamic stepper drivers

Multi-material management & automated workflow

A Palette X in the 3D printer enables the printing of up to 8 different materials and colours in one model. When using the CANVAS Slicer software, the Mosaic Material Pod (material container) and Mosaic Filaments, the entire printing process and filament management are automated.

The Element 3D printer can process and automatically manage these Mosaic filaments:

  • Nylon & CF Nylon
  • ABS
  • PLA
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • PVA
  • HIPS

Element also prints third-party filaments, just without the benefit of an automatic filament supply.

Each Material Pod contains a motor that moves the filament from the container to Pallet X and on to the printhead. In contrast to the external Palette devices, the Palette X does not splice the materials. The Element 3D printer, together with the Palette X, has full control over material management, which leads to higher print quality and less material waste.

The 3D printer is connected to CANVAS via the cloud, a software that can be used to create, edit and organise multi-material models. Sending to the printer is extremely easy and does not take much time.

Large build volume

With a build volume of 355 x 355 x 355 mm, the 3D printer is suitable for creating large models or for printing several parts at the same time.

Modular extruder

A modular design makes it easier to remove and reattach the printhead for replacement or repair.

Intuitive user experience

Element's cloud connectivity to CANVAS optimises the user experience and enables complete control of projects from the comfort of the printer.

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