Zortrax Z-HIPS Blue

Blue filament with high-impact resistance and easy finishing process

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • High impact resistance
  • Easy finishing process
  • Ideal for prototype packaging

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800 g, 2.000 g
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Zortrax Z-​HIPS Grey

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Product information & technical details

Diameter: 1,75 mm
Product types: HiPS Filaments
Filament colour: Blue
Net weight: 800 g, 2000 g
Diameter related tolerance : ± 0,05 mm
Printing material for Zortrax: M200, M200 Plus, M300, M300 Plus, M300 Dual


Z-HIPS is a thermoplastic polymer that has a very high impact resistance.
The material is ideal for

  • gluing components
  • painting
  • sanding
  • sandblasting

Z-HIPS is intended for applications such as prototype housing in household electronics to industrial machinery where UV resistance is not required.

Did you know?

The most popular technology used for 3D printing is FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling). A heated nozzle (hot-end) melts the plastic wire, layering the melted parts.